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A New Standard In Fleet & Team Management

Our very own custom built tracking server and platform enables our users to enjoy real time vehicle and team tracking with a range of features including high resolution maps, automated reports, SMS & Email alerts, fuel monitoring, remote engine cutoff, and much more!

Our Very Own Apps

Keep track of your fleet where ever you go

Get the TrackingFiji App on both Android and IOS. Select from our client app version or the user app version.

Our Features

One-Stop Tracking Service

Our platform is feature rich, providing our clients with everything they need to manage and maintain their fleet; whether big or small.

Interactive Platform

Live web platform full of features for real-time data.


Get a big picture overview in seconds with a dashboard view of all your object data.


Track various sensors on any vehicle in real time.


Create and manage geofences and receive custom alerts.


Set your own alerts to notify you by email or text.

Automated Reports

Get automated reports at your desired interval with all vehicle data, geofences and more,

High Quality Devices

We provide the highest quality GPS tracking devices and integrate with any existing units.

Mobile Apps

Use our very own apps for both Android and IOS for live tracking from you device.


Our platform allows access to so many other extra features including maps, weather, and more.

Vehicle Protection

Safeguard your vehicles and assets by knowing their whereabouts at all times. Create geofences to ensure assets remain where they belong and get notified when you need.

Cost Effective Management

Streamline your operations by knowing where your vehicles and assets are. Optimize regular movements and fine tune your routes for a more effective operation.

Fuel Savings

Keep track of fuel usage from your fleet. Cross check with fuel bills and minimize excessive engine time to save on fuel consumption.

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